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Who we are

Welcome to JMT Mercy Care, the disability Service that puts you first and aims to create opportunity, and promote independence and progression in a safe and non- discriminative environment.

At JMT Mercy Care our direction is led by your choice, needs and goals by providing key disability services to those who seek support

Our Services


Group Activities

Jmt mercy care Assists participants to participate in group-based community, social and recreational activities…

Community Participation1

Community Participation

It might be challenging for everyone to make relationships and participate in the community…..


Household Tasks

Keeping a clean and organised house is essential to preserving happiness and general wellness….

Personal Care

Personal Care

Assistance with everyday activities, such as assisting with or monitoring personal tasks, is referred to as personal care support….


Access Employment

People are given the tools they need to sustain themselves through NDIS employment support….

NDIS Transport


JMT MERCY CARE provides Travel and Transport Assistance for NDIS participants to achieve their plan goals…

Support Coordinator

Suport Co-ordination

We’re committed to removing the obstacles that prevent individuals from receiving the assistance they require….

Assist Life Stage

Assist- Life Stage Transition

Life Stage, Transition Assistance When you have a support system around, adjusting to change can go more smoothly….



Participants in the NDIS accommodation programme have the option of living in a supportive setting away from home….

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