Assist - Life Stage Transition

Life Stage, Transition Assistance When you have a support system around, adjusting to change can go more smoothly. A caring support team is available at Great Beginning to assist participants with the adjustment of putting the plan into action by enhancing their capacity to connect with different other support teams. Additionally, they assist participants in comprehending the goal of sponsored assistance and how they fit into the community. Some of the elements Great Beginning may aid participants with are:

  • Capacity development skills
  • Development of autonomous self-care and living skills Crisis and conflict resolution
  • Financial guidance
  • Daily planning and Budgeting
  • Organize assistance groups in a client’s neighbourhood
  • Linkage help to other supporting community services and initiatives
  • Life planning and goal planning
  • Assistance with housing needs and tenant responsibilities
  • Planning for life transitions that include mentorship, peer support, and developing personal skills.
  • Assistance in making decisions.


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